Affordable Housing Program In Wareham

In order to meet its 1000-home affordable housing requirement, Wareham needs around 300 units more and this need could just be filled with the existing mobile homes. There have been efforts to see how the town’s Subsidized Housing Inventory can be increased and this was one of the viable options.

If the planned programs go through, nearly 500 existing manufactured homes could be a part of it. If they joined up, they would be upgrading their homes on a 50-50 basis. This would mean that the owners would pay half the cost of a new unit and the other half would be taken care of by funds from the Massachusetts Housing and Community Preservation as well as other local resources. The homeowners could get a loan of $35,000 from the Housing Rehab Program.

The total cost to add the 484 units to this program would be in the region of four and a half million dollars. Grants from various sources would see an entire new mobile park coming up and there would be improvements in infrastructure. These units would then be come under the ‘affordable housing’ schemes and the owners would have to be a part of that.. There are options that allow for condo units to be built and given to the residents instead of their old mobile homes as well.

All this is being done so that the 10% affordable housing law is adhered to, failing which a developer can take over and circumvent the zoning laws prevalent in that area. This option is one of many that the town will be exploring in order to make sure they retain their say in the town’s development.

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