Green Mobile Homes Make Sense

‘Green’ is the new buzzword going around. Clean, safe, energy efficient – it’s a way to contribute to the well being of our Mother Earth. It only makes sense to take an old product and turn it into a new green product. A mobile home, designed with energy efficiency in mind, fits the bill and makes cents in the pocketbook.
Green Mobile homes are not available yet. Currently there are companies planning the concept of what these mobile homes will look like, developing the marketing approach, considering financing options, and seeking relative business partnerships to promote and mass market these manufactured Green Mobile homes.
What is interesting about the increase in the new ‘green’ movement is that it is nothing new. The ‘green movement’ has slowly evolved from the use of active and passive solar systems and energy efficient appliances in private homes to conscientiously designed commercial and retail space. Now the concept is finally focusing on affordable eco friendly mobile homes.

A professor of Architecture at Mississippi State University, Michael Berk, has created the “Green Mobile.” This housing unit is affordable, designed to recover lost energy costs, and create a comfortable and energy efficient home. It features improved insulation, energy-efficient appliances, and the use of natural daylight and smart ventilation systems. This living space is esthetically pleasing and comfortable. The unit also includes an option for installation of a solar photovoltaic system. These homes will cost about $50,000 with anticipated potential for appreciation in value.

Berk is currently working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Alternative Housing Pilot Program to modify the design of the GreenMobile and create a stripped-down model called the EcoCottage. The plan is to use these EcoCottages as alternatives to the FEMA trailers traditionally used in disaster-affected areas. A federal grant of $5.8 million will certainly help Berk and others realize their vision to see Green go mobile.

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