What Today’s Manufactured Home Is Worth

How can you value a home? When it comes to a manufactured home, there’s so much more to be taken into account than just what it costs. True, time was when many bought a mobile or manufactured home if they couldn’t afford anything better. However, today, even if they do have a choice, there are those who choose a manufactured home.

Now why is this? Well, costs do play a role. Many are looking at recurring costs and the way the cost of living is spiraling upwards today. A manufactured home is reasonably priced and you might pay a higher interest but compared to a regular house, it really is a lot cheaper.

What is making the difference is how great these homes are inside. Look at many of today’s manufactured homes and you’ll be so surprised when you step in. It’s comfortable, well done-up and you have a wide choice and all for so much less. So it isn’t really a difficult choice like it would have been if the insides didn’t look good. In fact, you’ll very often find that these homes cost half as much as regular homes. So even if you do pay a slightly higher rate of interest on your mortgages, the amounts we are talking about are almost half.

However, do check to see if your manufactured home loan is assumable or not when you apply for it. You will of course have to take it for granted that the resale price will not be very great.

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