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You Have Wider Choices With Manufactured Homes

The present day manufactured home designs have crossed many barriers and limitations in designing the floor plans, due to the fact that the field of architecture has become wide open to new ideas and innovative structural formations, our forefathers could not even dream of.  This has become possible by the Internet usage, which brings in the world architectural designs to your finger tips.  Unlike the olden days, architects and engineers have no need to toil and moil to design and draw the floor plans laboriously.  Just by the click of the mouse, they are pampered with hundreds of thousands of home designs and templates.

This advantage is passed on to the consumer like you in choosing the right model, sitting with the architects and professionals of a manufactured home producer company. If you had this plan in mind to build a house with brick and mortar in a congested city street, it would be next to impossible.  But the factory manufacturing a “mobile home” can easily accomplish this task with quality materials swiftly.  All that is necessary thereafter is to carry the parts to you proposed site, in an area or community where good sunlight and fresh air are available and fix it with deft hands.

Imagine a triple-wide manufactured home with two stories (with a full basement too); two car garages; bay windows and specialty windows to let in abundance of sunlight and breezy fresh air and fine finished recessed doorways.  Can you build it inside a crowded town area with custom built style? No way! But this is exactly possible with the modern manufactured home, which is built for you exclusively and fixed at a place in the periphery of a big town or city.  Your life in this modern home with your family will be what you have been dreaming all these years. Your new home will be a pride to show off to your friends and relatives. And the cost? Well – it is going to be a fraction of the custom-built home if you compare the prices.

The new home is manufactured according to your plans and desired amenities and you have the backing of professionals under warranty, to make any additions or alternations until you have complete satisfaction. All these things are done by the companies in right earnest to get and retain more and more satisfied customer base.

The concept of manufactured homes is spreading fast, particularly with the background of the real estate market crisis prevailing in the country.  As such the manufacturers of these prefabricated homes are vying with each other, in grabbing their share of the market and the time has come to change the mental attitudes of millions of Americans.

The choices before you, therefore, are so many – single story home, multi-family condo, double-wide or triple-wide floor plans – if you go in for buying a brand new Manufactured Home.

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Are The Manufactured Homes Sturdy? 

This is the question nagging in the back of the mind for many people, especially Americans that are in a dilemma, between owning a home proposal but not sure whether they should go in for a custom home or manufactured home.  To squarely answer this question, we can go in search of examples in England.

Historically the concept of “prefabricated homes” known as “Manufactured Homes” today, popped up the real estate scene somewhere during 1908 to 1940.  In England many companies started up ventures to build up these prefab houses with materials available then and started selling them in large numbers.  They were advertised as “Modern Homes” owing to the fact that they had up-to-date facilities compared to conventional homes. Preferably the prefab homes built then were vacation cottages and included multi-story homes as well.

Then came World War II causing untold havoc to the British country, whereby hundreds of thousands of people lost their homes. The British government had to tackle with the housing problem and they rightly chose prefabricated homes to “temporarily” house those who lost their homes to the War.  The city of Bristol is a shining example.  The setting up of prefabricated homes was so huge that Bristol was known as “prefab city”. As many as over 400 models of prefab homes, villas and bungalows thronged the city and the amazing fact is nearly 700 prefabricated homes still exist in Bristol today.

These homes were designed to last only around 10 years, but the residents of these “temporary” housing are living there comfortably even after 50 years and more.  Some years later, the British government decided to replace these old fabricated homes with asbestos roofing and bulldozed nearly 150 homes.  A new set of fabricated homes were built on those sites and they are still efficient even after decades now and look modern in the surroundings.

With this example let us review the situation obtaining in U.S. today, where a number of popular brands of Manufactured Homes are made available. These are designed by experts in the field, mostly fabricated into two sets – bottom and upper portion by skilled tradesmen inside a factory, closely supervised in every shift to fit into the quality standards laid out by the company and that of the Government rules, finished within the set time frame, transported to the proposed site and fit up there with the final touches.
With the ever-increasing demand, every company is concentrating on the upscale designs, fabrication and timely supply of these Manufactured Homes with 100% quality materials.  Therefore there is no need for any apprehension over the strength of these Manufactured Homes any more, to last long as against the custom-built homes.

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