Low Income Housing In Davie

More than 23,000 people live in mobile homes at Davie. And it had come as no surprise that Davie had ordered a halt to the sale of mobile home parks last year, so no residents would lose their homes as many are really incapable of moving. It had also given leaders a little breathing space to help formulate a new report for affordable housing options.

A lot of residents have found mounting numbers of empty lots and truth to the talk of mobile home parks being sold. And many wish to preserve their community, especially as only some 130 families still reside at parks like King’s Manor. Davie residents are now trying to come up with options for the town in possessing affordable housing. One option is the Trotter’s Chase development, a proposal for homes and apartments that will hold dozens of units for people with lower incomes.

According to Davie Mayor Tom Truex, many of these people are so vulnerable. He had also added that it makes sense for builders to set aside affordable units. While another option is to use bonds or low interest loans to permit mobile home residents to own the land their homes sit on.

A lot of people wish for the trailer park to remain, simply to ensure help to people who can’t really afford new homes. And throughout the park more and more lots tend to be empty. The town council had discussed the issue predominately in the recent past, and is the first South Florida community to delve into the issue.

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