Mobile Home Residents Livelihood Threatened

There are a lot of reasons why the people of Boise choose to live in mobile homes. These are a good alternative to apartments or traditional houses as they are low cost and it’s easy to get an application for a mobile home. This type of low cost housing is generally preferred by the over-60 population but almost 50% of these occupants are either disabled or are ailing.

A report called ‘Mobile Home Living in Boise’ was sponsored and conducted by the State University of Boise. This report focused on the various issues that crop up when mobile home parks are sold to give way to shopping complexes or maybe conventional houses. Some recommendations on how these problems can be resolved have been put in by the study report. It was also mentioned that this problem is not isolated to Boise but to the whole nation.

The research revealed that one in every 25 homes is a mobile home and about 2/3 of people who own mobile homes do not own the land on which they live. So if this land gets sold, then people have to leave their home which then displaces them. There are about 20 million Americans living in mobile homes.

There are people who do not have the funds to leave their manufactured home and relocate to an apartment and for these people it has been suggested that the city or the developers can pay to relocate the mobile home park someplace where the value of land is not too high. Another solution is housing cooperatives where if the park is put up for sale, the residents get together to buy the land. For this there are agencies where they help mobile home owners get together and avail of a loan for the same.

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