PATH Members Push For Right To Buy Land

Manufactured or mobile homes are the mainstay of people who cannot afford the exorbitant costs of higher priced apartments and homes. They are also the only option very often of people who cannot qualify for loans that these more expensive homes entail. However, what happens when a manufactured home has a future that is not very sure? At least where location is concerned?

The recent years have seen a number of mobile home parks giving way to shopping centers and apartment blocks and one organization is determined to stop this. It feels that the residents should be notified and allowed to choose whether they want to buy the land their manufactured homes stand in or not.

It is a group that comprises many religious groups and the People Acting Together in Howard (PATH) has pushed for legislation for the right to have the option to buy the land that their manufactured homes stand on. Though the land that their manufactured homes stand on is not really threatened at the moment, they are preparing for future contingencies.

For so many who do not qualify for moderate-income housing programs, a mobile home is the only affordable option and the law today that gives the residents a year’s notice to move is just not on, feel the members. The group has proposed several options for affordable housing in Howard County like a housing initiative trust fund, the replacement of every affordable house lost being replaced by another affordable one and the new units being on the same site, not moved to another one.

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